An alliance of six business associations representing over 4,000 businesses in New Brunswick today announced its pre-election platform, We Choose Growth. The group is asking each of the provincial parties to commit to actions that support five priority areas of growth in their election platforms.

The group of organizations believes that New Brunswick has a choice to either manage growth or to manage decline and they have unanimously chosen growth as their top priority. Growth in jobs, in population, in public revenues and in New Brunswick’s prosperity. The group is urging party leaders to address each of the five priority areas in their 2018 election platforms.

In New Brunswick we have a choice - to manage growth or manage decline. Business leaders in New Brunswick choose growth. Growth in jobs, growth in population, growth in prosperity for all. In today’s globally competitive business environment it is the role of government to create a climate for business that attracts new business investment to the province while allowing existing businesses to grow and thrive.
For New Brunswick to reach its full potential there are 5 key issues that all parties must address to create a foundation for companies to maintain and grow employment for New Brunswickers while ensuring our companies can compete on the world stage.

A Private Sector Driven Economy creates jobs and growth

Commitment to making New Brunswick the best place to grow a business through competitive tax and regulatory policy. A thriving private sector supports job growth and creates the tax base required to sustain health, education and social programs in our province.

Responsible Resource Development

Commitment to adopt development-friendly and environmentally sound approval processes with clear timelines and predictable parameters for decision making and approval. This will allow NB to attract major private sector investment for projects that will grow employment and opportunity while protecting our natural environments.

Improved Export Performance

Commitment to pursue a strategy to develop New Brunswick companies as export ready and increase our global profile for trade opportunities with markets such as the United States, Europe and Asia.

Labour Force Development

Commitment to retaining our talent and attracting a skilled workforce with the skills needed for new and existing companies to grow and prosper.

Responsible Financial Management
Commitment to effective and efficient spending of tax dollars with the goal of reducing provincial debt. A balanced budget creates consumer confidence and business momentum while providing an appropriate level of services to citizens.

The above economic priorities are supported and respectfully submitted by the following organizations who work everyday to “Grow New Brunswick’s Economy”.
  • New Brunswick Business Council
  • Conseil Économique du Nouveau Brunswick
  • Atlantic Chamber of Commerce
  • Fredericton Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce
  • The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce