Man holding tablet

John Herron

President & CEO, New Brunswick Business Council

On November 7, 2023, I was honoured to be named the next President and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council. 

I am inspired by the eminent New Brunswickers and business leaders who sit around that table and invest their precious time, energy, and knowledge to advance our province. They do this not just for their own benefit but for the greater good. They care deeply about this province, and that resonates deeply with me.  

This new role is an exciting next chapter in a career that, while varied, has always prioritized bettering New Brunswick by working at the intersection of public policy, economic development and social progress. 

The Council calls itself a “do-tank,” not just a think-tank, which aligns with my bias for action, especially now, when our province has so much momentum on which to build. While advocacy is important, it is not enough to create the profound, sustainable impact our province needs to thrive. 

As the Council has shown, the private sector has a vital role in ensuring that New Brunswick's growth trajectory continues. Business does not exist in a vacuum: it is influenced by what’s happening in our communities and society and can be a powerful enabler of solutions in the public interest. 

As we Maritimers like to say, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” 

To that end, the Council has led a number of tangible, practical initiatives addressing some of our most significant challenges, including housing, innovation and the shift to a net-zero economy. I admire how the Council has balanced a sense of urgency with prudence, ensuring its work is informed by solid research and proven best practices.

I’d like to thank my predecessor, Alex LeBlanc, for his excellent work on a number of critical issues. I’m looking forward to building upon his foundation and strengthening the partnerships these projects require. Collaboration will be crucial to our continued success.

To the NBBC members and our partners in business, government, academia and non-profits, I’m looking forward to working together to optimize this unique moment of unprecedented growth in New Brunswick.