About the New Brunswick Business Council

The New Brunswick Business Council (NBBC) consists of leaders and CEOs who are committed to ensuring New Brunswick meets its full potential. Everyone on the Council has a deep, personal stake in this province and its future.

We adopt a forward-looking, positive perspective of what’s possible in New Brunswick and collaborate on real-world issues, trying to find meaningful, fact-driven ways to solve them. We work hard to change the narrative in the province—and beyond.

We pride ourselves on being a transparent, non-partisan group. We believe in a better New Brunswick.

Our work

Think tanks are great! But, what New Brunswick really needs is a do tank. Think, then do. NBBC is that do tank.

What We Do:
  • We play a transformative role in reshaping public social and economic policy in New Brunswick.
  • We act as a convener, gathering experts and bringing people together in the spirit of advancing New Brunswick’s prosperity.
  • We explore bold new ideas around important issues in our province, encouraging debate and development.

Our Areas of Focus:
  • Promoting economic, social and environmental policy debate and development
  • Growing productive employment opportunities
  • Labour market development
  • Skills development
  • Championing entrepreneurship
Learn more about our work on our blog and the things we ‘do’ to build a better New Brunswick in partnership with other stakeholders, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the Business Council.