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The movement to establish an “Atlantic Investment Bubble” – a regional equity tax credit aimed at boosting interprovincial investment in Atlantic Canada – is picking up steam. Here are some recent commentaries by business leaders across the region:

“An Atlantic Investment Bubble will help companies grow and create jobs” - Commentary by Blair Hyslop, New Brunswick Business Council Member and Co-CEO of Mrs. Dunster’s Bakery, in Huddle.Today.

“Atlantic Investment Bubble would grow jobs, create opportunity on home front” – Commentary by Paul LeBlanc, CEO of 7th Wave Capital, in the Chronicle Herald.

“Seizing opportunity with an Atlantic Investment Bubble” – Commentary by Rory Francis, CEO of the Prince Edward Island BioAlliance in the Charlottetown Guardian.

Creating a more vibrant business environment in New Brunswick is one of the top priorities of the New Brunswick Business Council. We know that access to capital is a recurring challenge for many businesses, and based on considerable discussion and consultation, the Council has been a key player in the movement to create an “Atlantic Investment Bubble”, an equity tax credit designed to complement the existing provincial equity tax credit programs found in the four Atlantic province.

Many high-growth businesses in Atlantic Canada operate from a regional perspective, driven by the need to access larger markets, skilled employees, mentors and advisors. This regional tax credit will catch public policy up to this reality, encouraging greater interprovincial investment within the region and making it easier for businesses to raise capital to fuel the growth that leads to new jobs and new tax revenues.

As part of the New Brunswick Business Council’s goal of fostering public discourse about the best ways to responsibly and sustainably grow the New Brunswick economy, we joined the chambers of commerce of Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John as well as the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick and the Canadian Manufactures & Exporters to provide recommendations to federal political parties and candidates about the steps needed to ensure our economy and our communities prosper.

New Brunswick and the rest of Atlantic Canada face a unique set of challenges and opportunities as we seek to encourage job creation and growth. We wanted to take advantage of the election to be sure that New Brunswick’s message was heard loud and clear by those who seek to govern.

The New Brunswick Business Council (NBBC) is throwing its support behind the federal investment in child care and early learning as both an economic necessity, and a building block for a healthy, vibrant and inclusive society.

“Affordable and accessible child care will give thousands of women in New Brunswick the opportunity to participate in the workforce, which is a win for households; a win for the New Brunswick economy; and, a win for employers looking for talent” says Alex LeBlanc, President and CEO of the NBBC. “Finding and attracting labour is the biggest challenge facing New Brunswick employers and we expect this to continue into the future.”

The New Brunswick Business Council (NBBC) is pleased to announce that effective January 11th, 2021, Alex LeBlanc has been appointed as the organization's new President and CEO.

Alex joins the Business Council following more than six years as Executive Director of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC), where he developed a deep knowledge of files that are of strategic importance to the Council and developed critical experience leading a dynamic member-based organization.
A self-starter and collaborative leader, Alex has raised the profile of the NBMC, expanded programs and services, and has been instrumental in changing attitudes and growing support for immigration in New Brunswick.

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – New Brunswick Power (NB Power), Moltex Energy, and Advanced Reactor Concepts, the parent company of ARC Nuclear Canada Inc. (ARC Canada), are pleased to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work collaboratively together to find synergies by establishing a small modular reactor vendor cluster in New Brunswick. The MOU establishes plans to pursue collaboration in areas such as supply chain development activities, shared technology education and trades initiative, and common research and development activities.

Ten economic development, business, and community development organizations from across New Brunswick will present a virtual conference and podcast series designed to reimagine New Brunswick in a post-pandemic world.

Imagine a Better, Stronger New Brunswick...

How Might NBBC & Other N.B. Leaders Help with Provincial Recovery?

NBBC CEO, Adrienne O'Pray, recently listened to Tom Rand, a Canadian climate change expert, author and green entrepreneur, speak at Mount Allison University.

Join us to create an action plan to increase regional economic development in Northern New Brunswick!

The New Brunswick Business Council is pleased to be part of the advisory committee for iHUB Learning Inc., an innovation hub and not-for-profit organization in the province.

As a leader, why do you think there’s value in being a member of NBBC, given its role in building a better New Brunswick?

I get so much out of being a member of the NB Business Council. I’m surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the New Brunswick business community. There are so many local businesses doing great things, especially the family businesses that want to remain in the province—not just sell their company and move on. It’s inspiring to see companies like McCain Foods and Cooke Aquaculture prove that you can be successful here at home.