NB Power

President & CEO

Serving as President & CEO of NB Power since February 2010, Gaëtan Thomas is a committed industry leader and agent of change.

His vision for NB Power includes a made-in-New Brunswick smart grid aimed at creating a greener, more sustainable province, helping to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lowering costs and keeping customer rates low and stable.

Gaëtan has a degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from the University of New Brunswick. A loyal and lifelong employee of the utility, he has worked in all aspects of the business including as Chief Nuclear Officer and Vice President of both Nuclear and Distribution and Customer Service divisions. He is also a Board Member for the Canadian Electricity Association, an electric vehicle advocacy group Plug’n Drive Canada and the New Brunswick Business Council as well as the Chairman of the Board of the Atlanta Center World Association of Nuclear Operators.