As a leader, why do you think there’s value in being a member of NBBC, given its role in building a better New Brunswick?

I’ve been a member of the New Brunswick Business Council for over five years simply because there’s tremendous value in being actively involved in the provincial business community. I accepted the role as chairman in 2018. There’s so much brilliance in that group.

It’s no secret that New Brunswick’s labour force is shrinking. Baby boomers are retiring and younger workers are moving to other provinces, leaving many companies in the province scrambling to find enough qualified employees.

Taxation in New Brunswick—and whether or not heavy industry is paying their fair share—continues to spark much debate across the province. Motion 31 (an offshoot of Bill 9, which was withdrawn earlier this year) is the latest issue involving the taxation of machinery and equipment in the province.


Manufacturing in New Brunswick continues to contribute to employment across our province, driving economic growth in the region. The industry has been resistant throughout the years, compared to other jurisdictions that have suffered a decline, and many manufacturers in N.B. have been in business for decades, including many New Brunswick Business Council (NBBC) members.

Moncton, June 3, 2019 – The New Brunswick Business Council and the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick announced today that they will create a working group to increase the economic benefits of bilingualism in the province. Thus, they are implementing the main recommendation of the study by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​for New Brunswick: Two languages: It’s ​​good for business.

We are delighted to invite you to our new immigration webinar series: “International Recruitment for Employers, by Employers” in partnership with McInnes Cooper, the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick and The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton.

At the New Brunswick Business Council, our mission is to work in our communities to build a competitive and growing economy that provides opportunities for all who invest, work and live in New Brunswick. We want to promote a competitive environment and culture of business growth, to help government shape policies, and to help secure prosperity for all New Brunswickers.

The New Brunswick Business Council (NBBC) believes that New Brunswick has amazing opportunities for graduates with innovative companies. But, how can we get more post-secondary students to stay in New Brunswick after graduation? How can we connect students to real opportunities and get companies the talent they need to grow? These questions sparked the Innovation Bus Tour, part of a new experiential learning course offered at Mount Allison University.

New Brunswick residents are accustomed to paying a little more for goods and services each year; it’s called inflation and it’s a natural by-product of our economy.
But how would you feel if the cost of a service you were obliged to pay nearly tripled within three years? How would you react if the cost of your car insurance tripled over three years? What hard choices would you have to make if the cost of electricity tripled?

An alliance of six business associations representing over 4,000 businesses in New Brunswick today announced its pre-election platform, We Choose Growth. The group is asking each of the provincial parties to commit to actions that support five priority areas of growth in their election platforms.

The Policy Studies Centre at the University of New Brunswick released a report along with 10 key recommendations that emerged from the Symposium on Carbon Pricing in New Brunswick held in January, which was organized through the Policy Studies Centre at the University of New Brunswick in partnership with the New Brunswick Business Council.