Seizing New Brunswick’s Fast Growing Opportunities

Here at the New Brunswick Business Council (NBBC), we strive to be a do-tank, n ot just a think-tank, and this year was a great example of that.

New Brunswick is on a gr owth trajectory, and the NBBC has taken a leadership role in critical areas to support continued growth, competitiveness, and improved quality of life throughout the province.

We stepped up to advance notoriously tenacious challenges, spearheading innovative and impactful projects that will make a real difference.

One example is leading the creation of the Housing Hub of New Brunswick (HHNB), securing $1.6 million in provincial and federal funding to accelerate affordable housing construction which will enable employers to attract workers to rural communities.

We took the lead on advocacy issues, including housing, by commissioning quality research that shed light on the need for more investment and support.

Regionally, we are a powerful voice in a coalition of 200-plus leading Atlantic businesses and organizations advancing the Atlantic Investment Incentive Pilot project to drive investment in start-ups and scale ups across the region.

Net-zero competitiveness is a significant concern to all of us, and the NBBC initiated a roundtable that led to the creation of an Innovation Lab to Green N.B. SMEs and Supply Chains. We are looking forward to seeing the solutions that will emerge to help businesses in the Province make the transition.

These and other initiatives over the past year are only possible due to the influence, input, and support of our membership and the open approach to cooperation and collaboration with our many partners. Thank you for your commitment to this Council and to New Brunswick.

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