Meals With Moguls

Meals with Moguls is a simple program that brings potential, new and growing entrepreneurs together with Business Council members in an informal breakfast setting where participants can discuss their businesses and experiences.

Council members hope to encourage and motivate these entrepreneurs to continue their journey, and we also hope to instill in them a fire to compete and a loyalty to New Brunswick that will pay dividends to our economy in the long run.

Participants from numerous organizations have been invited to join us to date, such as:

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to join us for Meals with Moguls:

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Meals with Moguls participants are surveyed on their breakfast experience.  The following statements are comments received from those surveys or provided directly.

“It was an amazing opportunity to sit with some of NB's biggest leaders. Honestly, I was terrified coming into the breakfast, thinking it would be awkward and a little stuffy but the people really exceeded my expectations. It helped me realize that they really are just people, and want to know just as much about you as you want to know about them.” "

Pond Deshpande Student Business Ambassador, February 2013

I was able to learn and be encouraged from other more successful entrepreneurs. "

Launch36 participant, February 2013

The breakfast was fantastic! It was great to talk to the members of the New Brunswick business council. They asked us many questions about our company and got us to really think about what we could do to improve our business. I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to attend the breakfast! "

Fredericton JA participant, February 2012

As a very small business I was pleased to be included in such a diverse group of leaders. "

Miramichi participant, June 2012

My son returned from the breakfast very enthusiastic over the experience. I believe this event boosted his sense of confidence and his ability to carry on a conversation with important people. We are also grateful that several of the business people chose to sit at Brennan’s table and made the effort to get to know the young people. These members of the business community probably had any number of valid reasons to spend their valuable time discussing business issues with their peer group. It is heartening to know that they were willing to take the time to make this investment in the development of the JA members. "

Parent of Moncton JA participant, November 2012

Reminders of how open Council members are - leaves me feeling jazzed about the province! "

Miramichi participant, June 2012

A new resurgence of confidence with my own goals for the future of my business. "

Miramichi participant, June 2012

A Council member said 'attitude changes everything! Positive thought brings positive results!' Inspired me. "

Moncton participant, November 2012

The fact that the challenges facing large NB businesses are similar to the challenges that we face in our organizations. "

Miramichi participant, June 2012

Recently I had the privilege of attending a breakfast with members from the New Brunswick Council. I had a great time. I liked how the breakfast was personalized and we (the other attendees) were able to sit in small groups and have some one on one time with a great business leader. The group I was in was able to speak to Gordie Lavoie and he was a very nice man. He asked us questions about our company Movie Buddies and seemed to have an interest in what we were doing. This made the morning that much greater. I know that I found the breakfast valuable because even though I was not able to talk to everyone there, the people I did speak to connected with our companies and compared how we ran ours to how their companies were run. They are surprisingly similar. This proves how great of a program Junior Achievement is. I hope that the breakfast becomes an annual thing and that many people are able to meet these business leaders. I know I achieved a greater respect for them because they were willing to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with some aspiring entrepreneurs. "

Fredericton JA participant, February 2012