Council Passport Service

The New Brunswick Business Council wants to help NB entrepreneurs export their products and services around the world.  That's why we've created the Council Passport Service, an initiative to fast-track entrepreneurs through challenging export situations so that they can help grow our province's economy.

Here's how it works:

STEP 1 - You, an ambitious NB entrepreneur, hit a snag in your efforts to export your product or service to country X.

STEP 2 - You check the map below, and confirm that Business Council members have experience doing business in country X.

STEP 3 - You click on the "Apply for Passport" button below, and input your contact details.

STEP 4 - Business Council CEO Adrienne O'Pray will contact you to learn more about your situation.

STEP 5 - You will be invited to the next Council meeting or connected with the appropriate Council member(s), to get help with your challenge.

STEP 6 - You overcome your exporting hurdle and succeed in growing your business and New Brunswick's GDP!


John Bowles, President of Inversa Systems, was our Passport Service beta tester. He joined our February meeting to present a major business decision he’s facing about Inversa’s growth.

“The opportunity to work through this important step in Inversa’s evolution leveraging the deep and varied experience of the members of the New Brunswick Business Council was extremely valuable. They gave me a lot to think about, and really advanced my decision making.”

Map of Passport Destinations