Since its inception in 2005, the New Brunswick Business Council has undertaken numerous different initiatives to help New Brunswick prosper and become the best place to start and grow a business in Canada. To learn more about our past work, please check out the History section, linked on the right.

In November of 2011, the Business Council refocused our work into 3 priority areas:

  • Champion Entrepreneurship
  • Grow Productive Employment
  • Promote Robust Economic Policy Debate and Development

Each of these three priorities have inspired the actions and initiatives described below.

Champion Entrepreneurship

The New Brunswick Business Council envisions a province brimming with entrepreneurial spirit, with new businesses starting at a rapid rate, and existing businesses succeeding and growing beyond our borders.   Our plan to champion entrepreneurship has 3 parts:

  • Support and Inspire
  • Facilitate Funding
  • Celebrate

Along with our Meals with Moguls program, the NBBC launched the Council Passport Service and Early Adopters team in March of 2013 as part of our plan to support NB entrepreneurs. Click on the images below to learn more about these initiatives.

Our ultimate goal is to increase the private sector’s contribution to NB’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through the motivation and support of existing and high potential entrepreneurs, while celebrating and promoting a culture of ambitious, growth-­oriented, globally focused entrepreneurship.

Grow Productive Employment

Our people have a long history of working hard and delivering reliable, high quality, loyal service to their employers and communities. The Council would like to see as many New Brunswickers in productive work as possible.

There are 3 areas we are exploring to improve the employment levels in New Brunswick:

  • Closing the skills gap
  • Improving Immigration
  • Reforming EI and Social Assistance systems

Promote Robust Economic policy debate and development

The New Brunswick Business Council wants to hear rich discussions about our economic future in every corner of our province. We would like to see strong, evidence-based policy drafted and debated in our universities and colleges, in the meeting rooms of government and in the coffee shops of our towns.

We believe New Brunswick will advance when our people are armed with information from all sides of an issue, and when we value thoughtful, imaginative economic policies. The Council would like to help facilitate these conversations and encourage this policy development.