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NB Business Council Names Lee Corey as New Chair

Lee Corey, of Corey Nutrition Company, has been named by the Council as the incoming Chair for the coming year.

“I’m thrilled to accept the role as Chair of the New Brunswick Business Council. I look forward to working closely with our heritage New Brunswick business leaders to advance our province as a whole,” says Lee. “Everyone on the Business Council shares the belief that local comes first, and we make our business decisions with that goal in mind. I’m confident that we can grow our businesses within New Brunswick, building our economy and bringing light to the incredible opportunities available right here at home.”

Lee has held many Directorships over the years, the most recent being Chairman of the Board of the Fredericton Convention Center 2010-2013, and Chairman of the Board of the Research and Productivity Council (RPC) in Fredericton 2013-2016.

Business Council President & CEO, Adrienne O’Pray, says Lee has been a very active and vocal member since joining the Council 5 years ago and has a true passion for the opportunities and talent that are available here in New Brunswick.

Lee started Corey Nutrition in 1982 and successfully grew the business along with the aquaculture industry in Atlantic Canada. The company began to experiment in manufacturing pet foods in 1991.  The new opportunities in pet foods allowed the company to expand, and today export to over a dozen countries around the globe.