The New Brunswick Business Council is a non-partisan group of leaders who have a deep, personal stake in this Province and its future, and have demonstrated a commitment to New Brunswick's economic growth and community development.

What We Do

The New Brunswick Business Council's mission is to help build a competitive and growing economy that provides opportunities for all who invest, work and live in New Brunswick.

We want to help make NB the best place in Canada to start and grow a business, to promote a competitive environment and culture of aggressive business growth, to help government shape policies, and to help secure prosperity for all NBers.

In November of 2011, the Business Council refocused our work into 3 priority areas.  We strive to:

  • Champion Entrepreneurship
  • Grow Productive Employment
  • Promote Robust Economic Policy Debate and Development


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A note

The views expressed herein represent the views of the Council as a whole, and do not necessarily represent the views of any individual member or company. Positions are developed on the basis of consensus, not unanimous agreement.